Race-Based Stress and Trauma

Are you often worried about entering spaces where no one may look like you?

Do you sometimes decide not to go to those places?

You don’t know who you could ever trust at work because you’re the only person of color in your department?

You wish there was a way to combat racism but you have no idea what to do?

Maybe you’ve resigned yourself to the idea that it will always be like this?

Does the number of black lives being lost daily, due to racism, and violence overwhelm you?

What is Race-Based Trauma?

The physical and psychological symptoms people of color often experience after being exposed-directly or indirectly-to stressful experiences resulting from racism. Black Americans are dying younger due to preventable stress-related diseases – diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks, certain cancers, obesity. These are often race-related stressors.

Specific objectives may include the following:

  • Learning to take back your power the way we always have.
  • Learning to heal from racism.
  • Learning to resist it. We can’t fight if we are not well
  • Learning resilience.
  • Learning to recognize what’s happening in the mind and body due to this type of stress i.e. neck pains, headaches, stomach aches

If you’d like freedom from racial stress, I want you to know that you have found the right person to help you heal. Please contact me today for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.

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