• Love Outside the Box: A Look at Non-Monogamous Relationship Styles {014}

    We’re breaking down different types of ethically non-monogamous relationships! There are so many types of non-monogamous relationships, the number sits somewhere around 15 types. We’ll be talking about five types of non-monogamous relationships that I think are extremely relatable.

    There are labels for any type of relationship, but the most important thing to remember is that you should pursue love in a way that align with you the best!

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    The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to Polyamory, Open Relationships, and Other Freedoms in Sex and Love

    Esther Perel Books


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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] Nadie introduces herself, shares her background along with the podcast episode topic


    [1:37] – Nadie welcomes you back to the podcast after a hiatus. She dives into a little bit of education and demystification of this very misunderstood topic, non-monogamous relationship types


    [3:45] – Nadie starts with discussing ethical non-monogamy, what it is and how it’s confused with but differentiated from cheating.


    [4:51] – Nadie defines polyamory, what qualities and discussions are needed to have a healthy polyamorous relationship. She also discusses hierarchical polyamory, a variation of polyamory.


    [7:27] – Nadie dives into throuple and triad relationship, the different forms these can look like, the level of communication needed, and how to stay open when learning about the new types of relationships


    [10:09] – Nadie’s Favorite: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT) relationships, she talks about what they are and the discretion that’s required with strong communications and boundaries.


    [11:31] – Swingers are another type of non-monogamous relationship, specifically an ethical non-monogamy relationship. A relationship type that is more commonly known.


    [13:27] – Nadie throws in an honorable mention, couples who are monogamous, you know, primarily monogamous, and they just allow for an occasional obviously agreed upon outside sexual experience. Monogamy with an asterisk.


    [15:42] – Nadie concludes the episodes by emphasizing the importance of choosing a relationship style that will make YOU happy. It’s always good to educate yourself on what may or may not be for you.


    [18:11] – Wrap up. Leave any questions in the comments in the show notes or shoot Nadie a DM @Freedomtherapy_.


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