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Houston’s premier boutique concierge-style psychotherapy practice

We provide therapy and wellness experiences to professionals and teens.

Having a therapist is for anyone who wants to make the MOST out of their life and live to their fullest potential

We proudly provide therapy and wellness services tailored to your individual needs

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Welcome to Freedom Psychotherapy and Wellness Services

As you know, finding happiness starts with you. If you don’t know exactly where to start, I can help. It would be my honor to guide you on a healing journey to a richer, more abundant life. I know you’re an independent, career driven, high achiever, but for some reason your personal life does not mirror the achievements of your professional life. You can happy and fulfilled outside of a partner.

It is important that you know you don’t have to be alone while you heal.

As your therapist, I don’t treat any two individuals the same, and we tailor your experience to address your unique challenges. We will work together to get you the life you’ve always wanted. I provide quality concierge style individualized online therapy including convenient appointment times. Weekends too!

It’s OK to start before you’re ready.


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