• "Therapy for Busy Burnt Out People Pleasers"

    Are your afraid to ask for what you want or need because you fear losing people?
    Do you feel stretched thin from taking care of everyone but yourself?

    There’s actually a version of your life where you aren’t last on the list. And you won’t feel any guilt about it either. All of that resentment you have toward your loved ones, because all of the things you’ve said yes to when you should’ve said no, can disappear.

    It’s OK to start before you’re ready.


    Services are provided online to West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton, and throughout the state of Florida. As well as Houston, Dallas, Austin and the surrounding areas across Texas.

    If you're ready to...

    • Live authentically
    • Transform how you view yourself and your relationships
    • And use holistic wellness practices


    …Then let’s chat!

    What clients have to say

    “Nadie has helped me for a few years now and I cannot speak more highly of her. She has helped me see myself in ways I couldn’t before. And through 2 of the darkest situations of my life, she guided me with strength, compassion and kindness. I will forever be indebted to her.”


    “I cannot begin to thank you enough. Throughout all of the years of therapy that I have gone through, I’ve not come across someone who has been able to get to me the way you have. You’ve made me understand things that I couldn’t grasp before, and believe in myself more than I ever have before.”


    “Nadie has been amazing to work with! She is attentive and supportive during sessions, while also challenging me enough to influence real change.”


    “I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling unmotivated/stuck or having trouble finding a therapist who really gets it.”


    “Nadie was such a breath of fresh air. I’m used to therapists being the older more reserved type. She is young, open minded, and sympathetic.”


    “Nadie is an incredible therapist who has helped me more than I can say. Her kindness, warmth and uncanny ability to make me smile is priceless. Always humble and with a fresh perspective, I am so grateful for this connection! Bless you Nadie”