• Wellness Routines Can't Wait - Building a Long-lasting Wellness Routine Series Part 1

    In the first episode of Building a Dream Wellness Routine (a 4 part series), Nadie delves into how to change your mindset around wellness to truly commit yourself to this new life. She also goes over the 4 topics she’ll cover in the coming weeks & shares about her FREE 6-week wellness challenge! 

    Do you think a wellness routine can “wait”?

    Do you struggle finding the “right” time to start your routine?

    Have you started a routine but feel that if you can’t be ‘consistent’ you shouldn’t do it at all?

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] Nadie shares that her mission is to help people create the wellness routine of their dreams. Because self-care is not selfish, it’s necessary.

    [1:55] Welcome to the Generation Freedom Podcast! Nadie intros the podcast and gives a short disclaimer.

    [3:08] Nadie talks about how there’s never a perfect time to make any big change. But your wellness can’t wait for the perfect time.

    [5:16] Nadie points out that life is always full of inconveniences. Isn’t that why you want a wellness routine? To bring you peace?

    [7:11] Nadie looks at the one caveat to all this. It may not be the timing that’s the problem, it might be the level of preparation. So Nadie will help you prepare to create this wellness routine of your dreams.

    [8:47] Nadie outlines the 4-week process of preparing to create the wellness routine of your dreams.

    [11:36] Nadie discusses the wellness challenge she’s releasing throughout these 4 weeks to kickstart your wellness routine and get you on track! Sign up here

    [14:59] Wrap up – Don’t forget to come back next week to learn how to make time for your wellness.


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    we will create realistic, sustainable ways to commit to your wellness routine together!

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