• Finding The Time - Building a Long-lasting Wellness Routine Series Part 2

    In the 2nd episode of Building a Dream Wellness Routine (a 4 part series), Nadie delves into how to find the time for wellness, and shares about her FREE 6-week wellness challenge! 



    Do you think a wellness routine can “wait”?

    Do you struggle finding the “right” time to start your routine?

    Have you started a routine but feel that if you can’t be ‘consistent’ you shouldn’t do it at all?

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] Nadie recaps last week’s podcast episode, and tells listeners that now is the time to create the wellness routine of their dreams. You have the time, let’s learn how to manage it!

    [2:31] Nadie reminds listeners to sign up for the FREE 6 days of wellness challenge! Sign up here  Let’s get into it! 5 ways to make more time in your schedule for the wellness routine of your dreams!

    [3:47] Number 1: Plan ahead. Once you have a plan, narrow down your list to 3 things a day.

    [5:47] Number 2: Locate missing time. The time is there, it just involves a little bit of sacrifice.

    [7:27] Number 3: Think about your time more realistically. Break up the time into smaller bites. Rather than going from never working out to finding an hour every day to work out, be realistic and start with 15 minutes a day.

    [9:26] Number 4: Don’t sacrifice sleep. The most successful people get plenty of sleep. It’s necessary for creativity, problem-solving, and all cognitive functioning. You really can’t sacrifice any of that!

    [12:35] Number 5: Start with the goals that are easiest and make you feel the best. Evaluate your goals, and if your excitement about them is below an 8/10, ditch it. Fully dedicate yourself to the goals you’re most excited about, not the ones you think you should be doing.

    [15:27] Recap of the 5 ways to make more time for the wellness routine of your dreams.

    [16:09] Wrap up. Remember to Sign up for the 6 days of Wellness Challenge, and come back next week to learn how to keep up with your routine consistently!

    Sign up for the FREE 6 day wellness challenge

    we will create realistic, sustainable ways to commit to your wellness routine together!

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