• A People Pleasers' Guide to the Art of Saying NO {015}

    Are you someone that finds yourself constantly putting others needs first, going out of your way to make others happy despite how you feel? In this episode, Nadie shares with you easy ways to help with people pleasing AND bonus content on how to put yourself first.

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] – Nadie introduces what people pleasing looks like and gives examples of people pleasing. 


    [4:30] – Nadie defines people pleasing, and further explains why it’s an issue for you if you are a people pleaser. 


    [6:47] – Nadie drops a great book resource for you to feel clarity and fulfillment in putting your needs first.


    [7:12] – Nadie explains that you need to communicate and be honest with yourself and the people in your life.


    [9:22] – Practice assertiveness. Nadie explains that you have the right to say no!


    [11:22] – Nadie explains that by learning these techniques and practicing saying no, you’re not disregarding those you love, you’re taking them into consideration of your own needs.


    [12:45] – Nadie pops in for a quick reminder to subscribe, like, and give a rating on your listening platform to help keep the platform going and reaching those who need it.


    [14:15] – Nadie reminds you to practice self-compassion. You are human, we can’t always do everything for everybody all the time. And that’s okay.


    [17:17] – Surround yourself with people who respect your boundaries and who understand the importance of  self-care.


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