• Matcha, Chaos, and Lipgloss

    Let’s talk “THAT GIRL” routine! It’s not polished at ALL, it’s actually chaotic and messy. So let’s be real. It’s easy to get swept up in the perfect version of a routine, our ideal life, or thinking that everyday you’ll be able to keep up with your routine exactly the way you want it. Listen in if you want to hear a REAL that girl routine that isn’t as nice and put together but is still effective in making for a beautiful start to the day.

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] – Nadie introduces this week’s topic that’s inspired by “That Girl Routine” and what it looks like for her in her life. 


    [3:23] – The day starts off with a battle with her alarm clock, with the assistance of the snooze button.


    [4:17] – Three hacks she uses to help her get up on-time and feeling good! Here is where she gives her first hack. 


    [6:56] – She explains what she does once she actually gets up out of bed. At this point, she makes a decision on how her day will go.


    [8:36] – The best part of the day: the joy of breakfast and skincare. Nadie illustrates what this part of the day looks like for her.


    [11:01] – A multi-step skin care routine, the last part of her morning before getting to work.


    [12:38] – We hit the final stretch of the morning, where Nadie makes the last few decisions that’ll get her day officially started.


    [15:07] –  Remember that your routine can vary as long as it speaks to you and moves you.


    [16:50] – “Perfection is extremely overrated”. Instead of striving for perfection, look for things that make you feel good and add it into your routine as you see fit.



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