• Guided Visualization for Relaxation and Inner Peace

    In this special episode, we go on a 20-minute meditation journey to relaxation and inner peace. We’ll will begin with a progressive muscle relaxation exercise to release physical tension and prepare your mind for a soothing visualization. As you’re guided through a calming scene, you’ll experience feelings of calm, peace, self-acceptance, clarity, and inner stillness. Set aside some time for yourself, find a comfortable position, and let the tranquility wash over you as you immerse yourself in this transformative guided meditation.

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] – Nadie introduces this week’s topic around guided meditation for relaxation.

    [1:00] – Nadie instructs on how to get into a relaxed state by getting comfortable followed by some breathing.

    [4:16] – Here, Nadie brings your awareness to your body starting at your chest.

    [6:06] – This is where Nadie has us leave the external world to go on an inner journey of deep stillness.

    [18:00] – This is where you take one more look around you, at the place you can visit anytime you’re in need of relaxation, stress relief, or to ponder your thoughts.

    [21:48] – Nadie brings us back to our physical world.

    [22:24] – Nadie asks you to share this meditation with those that would benefit from relaxation and to rate and write a review for the podcast!


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