• You Are Your Best Thing

    You Are Your Best Thing Houston Healing Retreat

    October 21st and 22nd, 2023

    Join us for a transformative, and intentionally-curated, two-day healing retreat. This restorative experience prioritizes holistic care by combining the power of movement and psychology for self-discovery and emotional support. You’ll learn ways the body carries the emotional stresses we experience, along with tools that encourage your own healing journey. This will be a one-of-a-kind experience grounded in empirical clinical care, non-performative yoga, and ultimately, joy. By the end of this retreat, you will have more tools for a practice that honors that you are your best thing. 



    Saturday October 21st

    Sunday, October 22nd 2023


    The Nellie Rose Studio

    108 Main St 3rd Floor, Houston, TX 77002

    Early Bird Price: $197

    General Registration after Sept 15 : $297

    What's Included

    Yoga Sessions

    Interactive Workshops

    Guided Meditation Sessions

    Grazing Table with fresh hot foods all day

    Dinner Provided

    Drinks including fresh juices, teas, and water, and coffee.

    Welcome gifts 

    What's Not Inluded

    What to bring

    A Yoga Mat

    Two Blocks

    A Blanket

    What's not included

    Overnight stay

    Transportation to and from retreat venue

    Yoga props (will provide links to affordable options)


    Day 1: 12-8p

    Welcome Circle




    Guided Journaling



    Final Flow + Meditation


    Day 2: 12p-6p





    Flow + Meditation


    Closing & Appreciation Circle


    Your $50 contribution can provide essential materials and supplies for one participant, making their experience more enriching and holistic. This includes their personalized journal, wellness swag bags, and other resources that will aid their journey long after the retreat is over. 


    A gift of $150 ensures that a participant can fully engage in all workshops and yoga flows by ensuring they have all the props and materials they need. It also contributes toward nourishing meals and snacks that will be provided throughout the retreat.


    This amount covers a full registration for one deserving individual. You will be gifting them the full spectrum of experiences, from expert-led workshops to nourishing meals, and a beautiful safe space.

    Donations & Scholarships

    We truly appreciate your interest in donating to our retreat and providing accessibility to those that want to access to community spaces. 

    If you’re here, it’s because you understand the transformative power of healing, community, and personal growth. The “You Are Your Best Thing” Retreat is not just an event, but an experience aimed at helping individuals rediscover their joy, resilience, and sense of belonging.

    The Impact of Your Donation

    Your kind donation creates a ripple effect in the lives of our participants, our communities, and society at large. By sponsoring a participant, you’re not just gifting them an opportunity to be part of a transformative experience, but you’re also giving them tools that will continually benefit them and those around them for years to come.

    When you invest in another person’s healing journey, you’re also investing in a brighter, more compassionate world.

    By donating, you become an integral part of our mission to make wellness and community building accessible to all. 

    We believe that everyone should be their best thing, and your donation brings us one step closer to making that a reality.


    Are there scholarships available?

    YES. Please email NadieLPC@freedompsychotherapy.net for information on how to get a full or partial scholarship for this retreat. We want you there!

    What should I bring to the retreat?

    Bring a yoga mat, a set of yoga blocks, and a blanket. 

    Although blocks are not required, they are strongly recommended as important tools for adaptable yoga practices. Please let us know if you have questions about this. Dress in clothes that feel good when stretching and bring a light jacket, just in case you’d want it throughout the day. Finally, bring whatever else you need to feel comfortable in the space. We’ll take care of providing food, drinks, journals, and pens. Let us know if you have any questions about anything not listed here. 

    What should I wear?

    Comfy athlesieure or work out clothes. Socks or barefeet for yoga flows. 

    I don’t practice yoga often and can’t do the intense yoga poses I see online. Is this retreat still for me?

    Yes!! This retreat is especially for people who might not practice regularly (or at all!) and may not have ever done the types of poses we see on social media. Don’t worry! The yoga style for this retreat is gentle and non-performative, which means that we will be more focused on how your body feels through gentle movement; we will not be concerned at all about whether we can force our bodies into certain shapes. Instead, we’ll spend our time together exploring different yoga flows that support rest, recovery, and emotional awareness.

    COVID Considerations

    A negative COVID-19 test is required for all participants each day of the retreat, including the retreat planners. We’ll have plenty of tests onsite but you are also welcome to take a test at home and bring the negative result with you. If you’re testing onsite, please make sure to come 15 minutes earlier than expected to give yourself enough time before the retreat begins. 

    In addition, we’ll have air purifiers running all day at the location. 

    What's the parking situation

    We encourage participants to rideshare to the downtown location for ease, but there are plenty of paid parking options! This includes street parking and a nearby parking lot. The lot is $10. You can also pre-book your parking spot online

    I have more questions? How can I get them answered?

    Email us at NadieLPC@freedompsychotherapy.net

    Meet Your Hosts

    Aja Holston-Barber

    Aja Holston-Barber is a strategist, writer, facilitator, and yoga teacher – all skills she uses to contribute to the better, kinder, and more just world we deserve. She owns her own consulting company where she supports organizations to expand their understanding, vision, and practice of social justice possibilities.

    Aja has been practicing yoga for almost 15 years and became a certified teacher in 2022. She is a 200-HR certified teacher in non-performative Hatha and Yin yoga and teaches private, group, and online sessions. With a focus on self-knowledge and protecting your body through accessible, intuitive poses, her yoga teaching style encourages students to recover from the heaviness of the world around us by becoming aware of what their bodies need. And, to start a personal journey to give it just that. Originally from Texas, Aja has lived in Louisville, Kentucky for seven years with her husband and their adorable but impulsive cat Nala. Learn more about Aja’s work at ajaholstonbarber.com

    Nadie Roberson

    As a Licensed Psychotherapist Nadie focuses on providing therapy and wellness experiences to organizations and individuals that identify as busy, burnt out, people pleasers and introverts. She supports her clients in learning how to prioritize their wants and needs without losing the relationships they value! Nadie’s therapeutic philosophy is that it is possible for people to hold compassionate boundaries, have meaningful relationships, and create the joyful lives they desire for themselves. Nadie is also the host of the Wellness Podcast, Generation Freedom where she and expert guests explore all facets of wellness, mental health, life balance, and interpersonal relationships. Nadie believes in the value of introspection, safe relationships, and pleasure; her ultimate goal is to help people of color build their happiness and create fulfilling lives by reconnecting with themselves through holistic wellness practices. 

    Mahogany Mayfield

    Mahogany is a sister friend, journal designer, youth development professional, and intentional curator of safe spaces. Mahogany is a native of Louisville KY, where she has created a career around celebrating black girlhood, healing, and community.

    Her background includes curriculum development, journal workshops, program facilitation, and the development of identity and community centered spaces for youth. In 2022, she founded The Sis That Journals, a line of journals rooted in Sisterhood, Joy, and Care.

    Mahogany’s love for joy, authenticity, and care has guided her work, and her relationship with her community and herself.