• Kathleen Jenkins, MA, LPC

    It’s hard to go through life alone. Sometimes even when we’re surrounded by people, we can still feel alone.

    Pressure to be “good enough”, to measure up, to prove your worth, all while dealing with the pain from your past can be overwhelming. Hurt, stress, anxiety, disappointment, powerlessness, frustration are all part of life and sometimes it can feel like you’re struggling just to survive.

    My goal as your therapist is to help you thrive by empowering you to get what you want out of life….

    Whether in familial, social, romantic relationships, or even your relationship with yourself, it is possible for you to thrive. In counseling, you and I will work together to dig deep and uncover the things that are holding you back and realize the strengths that can propel you forward so that you can walk through life as your truest self.

    Reach out when you’re ready

    If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to schedule a 15 minute consultation with me! I can’t wait to join you in your journey of health and wellness!


    Trained in the following modalities:

    • EMDR
    • Integrative Somatic Parts Work, 1st Level
    • Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
    • Attachment and Trauma in Adult RelationshipS