How to Practice Self-care as a Business Owner

How to Practice Self-care as a Business Owner

[caption id="attachment_2749" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image via Pexels[/caption] If you’re an entrepreneur, the line between work and personal life can become blurred, or even disappear altogether. Although a strong work ethic is a great asset, pouring every drop of yourself into your business can lead to burnout. The higher your stress level, the more your body and mind need you to...[ read more ]

7 Money Making Wellness Hacks to Ensure You Don’t Regret Pouring Into Your Well-being

 I want to share seven ways wellness can actually make you money. This topic is super-important to me because when people reach out to me about services and consultations, and the first thing they ask is "how much do you charge."   My rates are posted on my website so it's not like they're a secret, but I usually...[ read more ]



MythBusters: Therapy & Mental Health Edition Let's bust some myths. We are going to talk about some assumptions around therapy and mental health, and dispel some myths. I hear all the time from clients how worried they were before they reached out and took the first steps to get help. Worried because of what they saw on TV,...[ read more ]

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