• Dating Impeccably with Sadé Ferrier LMFT

    In this episode, Sadé and Nadie discuss ways to approach relationships and dating from a healthy place. They go over common dating mistakes, how to approach dating apps, how to change your mindset around success in dating, and some on Sadé’s top tips for finding success in dating. If you’re feeling frustrated with dating, and keep running into the same issues, this is the episode for you!


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    Sadé Ferrier, a licensed marriage and family therapist, a first-generation American and is proud of her Jamaican culture. She practices in the state of Georgia, and is also certified sex therapist through the Institute of Sexual Wholeness. She specializes in counseling couples through affair recovery, sexual dysfunctions, and communication issues.

    The spark to her pursuit of the counseling field came from learning of vaginismus, a condition that creates painful penetration for women during intimacy. In treating women with vaginismus and low desire concerns, she finds deep meaning in being able to offer hope to hopeless couples. In the process, she works with couples to construct a satisfying version of emotional, spiritual, and sexual intimacy.

    Episode Breakdown

    [2:07] I would love for you to share a little about who you are and your journey to becoming a marriage therapist and dating coach. Sadé shares her journey to becoming a marriage therapist, and how this prompted her to begin dating coaching, specifically for people who have been affected by purity culture.

    [2:47] Discussion around what purity culture is, and how it affects us.

    [7:58] What is the difference between therapy and coaching? Sadé breaks down the difference between therapy and coaching and how she uses both in her work. 

    [10:09] What is dating coaching, and what is your personal approach? Sadé describes how her online dating coaching works, and what the process looks like.

    [12:45] What’s the biggest dating mistake you see with your clients?  Sadé says incompatibility, and a lack of integrity and honesty are the biggest dating mistakes she sees.

    [19:05] How to do online dating the RIGHT way.

    [26:27] The right person to date vs. the right person to marry.

    [29:26] What do you think people need to shift to find more success in dating? Sadé recommends shifting what success looks like. 

    [34;35] What are your best tips for dating success? Sadé walks through her best tips for dating.

    [40:17] What is the number one quality you look for in a partner? Sadé opens up about the top thing she looks for in a partner. 

    [54:16] Which dimension of wellness is most important to you? Sadé shares that emotional, sexual/sensual, and social wellness are what she considers most important in dating. Additionally, for her personally, spiritual health is very important.


    If you want to start living your life fully by engaging your mind, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit.

    Download a FREE Tiny Steps Checklist

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