• How One Black Man Fights Stigma to Heal His Community

    If you want to start living your life fully by engaging your mind, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit.

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    This week I was joined by my guest James Harris. James is an army vet that has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He earned his masters in counseling after retiring from the military. He lives in Richmond Virginia with is wife and daughter where sees clients in his private practice, The Healing Hub and in community based groups. He started an international movement called Men to Heal. Where the focus is to assist men in focusing on their wellness including mental and physical health. You can definitely check out his website mentoheal.com all the links to his website, merch, social media, youtube, and his book will be in the show notes.

    I’m interviewing James because he is a father, entrepreneur, author, veteran, and therapist that works to destigmatize therapy, and support his community through mental health education. He uses both his therapy training and life experiences to inform his work with clients. He’s written an amazing interactive planner available on here on Amazon that teaches readers mental health concepts in easy to understand language and allows the ready to sketch or journal their own understanding of the concept after learning it.

    I am so appreciative of getting the chance to speak with James about his journey and how we can continue to destigmatize mental health and support our communities.

    Episode Breakdown

    [1:12] I would love for you to share a little about who you are and your journey to becoming a clinician. James shares a bit about his background and how he came to the mental health field.

    [4:51] Would you say you see a lot of clients who were going to quit their mental health journey because of negative past experiences with therapy? James shares some of the general struggles he sees clients facing in finding a therapist that actually works for them.

    [7:29]  You talk a lot about mental health and the potential benefits of therapy on your page. Why is sharing this information important to you? James explains that he’s not here to change anyone’s mind. He just wants to make sure he reaches people that already want to change and assist them however he can.  Nadie and James talk about their experiences working with a diverse client base, and more about the kind of clients they both attract.

    [15:15 ] So, can I ask you about your book? How did you come up with your concept? How would you suggest others use the book? James shares how he came up with the concept and they discuss different ways to use the book.

    [21:41] How would you recommend dealing with being the only person in your community committed to doing healing work?  James talks about ways of evaluating the people around you and finding a support system that works for you.

    [25:11] What are your recommendations for people trying to find a therapist that is a part of your community? James discusses different ways to go about finding a therapist that really works for you, and not giving up until you find a good fit.

    [29:14]  What dimensions of wellness are most important to you? Balance is key, it’s important to not solely focus on just one area because as soon as something happens in that area your whole world falls apart. 

    [32:12] Finally, what is your best piece of advice for people on a wellness/healing journey? James explains how important it is for people to ignore other people’s perceptions of you and your journey.

    If you want to start living your life fully by engaging your mind, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit.

    Download a FREE Tiny Steps Checklist

     Mentioned in the episode

    Website: Mentoheal.com 

    Book: Man Just Express Yourself

    Instagram: @Men_to_heal

    Youtube: Men to Heal

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