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    This week I was joined by my guest Dr. Jordan Etters DACM, LAc.

    Jordan specializes in women’s health, pregnancy, fertility (both natural and with IVF/IUI), menstrual cycle regulation, pain management, weight loss, Reiki, emotional and spiritual wellness.

    Growing up, Jordan witnessed many people in her town and surrounding community rely heavily on prescription medications to manage long-term illnesses. Seeing the disparity of healthcare in her small town gave her the spark to enter the healthcare realm. It was her dream to change the perception of health to a prevention focused model. After graduating with her Biology degree she took a hiatus between schooling to see if she still desired to be in healthcare. Jordan went on to teach university level laboratory courses then transitioned into the corporate oil and gas laboratory field. It did not take long for her to reconnect with her deep-rooted aspiration to help others in their journey to wellness.

    Jordan’s passion is to connect with others and increase their energetic vibration to guide them towards their true self. Her goal is to assist clients in reaching inner peace, harmony, and balance in their daily lives. Jordan loves performing soul healing and energy work for individuals who suffer from emotional and spiritual imbalances, which can manifest into common ailments and diseases. She views each person as a canvas that deserves individual attention and specialized treatment.

    You can find Jordan on the team of doctors at Phoenix Rising Integrative Medicine in Houston, TX where she is accepting new patients.

    Episode Breakdown

    [1:05] I would love for you to share a little about who you are and your journey to becoming a natural medicine expert. Jordan shares her story of becoming a licensed acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner. Sharing how seeing her community struggle with various health issues brought her to the medical field, and why she chose natural medicine instead of pharmaceutical-based Western medicine.

    [15:00] I know we hear terms like alternative medicine, Eastern medicine, homeopathy, holistic medicine, so what are those terms? And when talking about traditional Western medicine, what’s the difference between those two fields?  Jordan explains the different terms used and talks about the different methods Eastern medicine practitioners use to support healing. She also talks about the difference between modern medicine and Eastern medicine, and the ways they can both be useful depending on the circumstances.

    [33:50] Everyone wants to quickest solution these days. Do you think that has something to do with people of color being resistant to natural medicine? Jordan talks about how she thinks people of color actually do want natural medicine because that’s our roots. By using natural medicine we are connecting to ancestral knowledge, but it can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when the natural medicine field is filled with people that don’t look like them.

    [44:55] Another thing you talk about is for women, and womb health. How do natural medicine and womb health go together? Jordan shares about how womb health isn’t only about the physical, but also emotional and spiritual health. Connecting patients with a therapist to work through trauma and doing what I can do through acupuncture and reiki to improve womb health, as well as looking at any other ways your health is impacted in your life can be very effective.

    [54:13] What do you notice makes the biggest difference in someone’s health when it comes to natural medicine? Jordan explains that the main thing is the connection she has with the patient. Going through their story, asking questions, and making sure you both understand what’s happening can really help them move forward. Once they feel empowered, that is when they are able to move forward.

    [58:33] Which of the 12 dimensions of wellness are most important to you at this point in your journey? Jordan talks about how the three most important ones to her at this time are environmental, spiritual, and cultural. 

    [1:03] What is your best piece of advice for people on a wellness/healing journey? Jordan says, start off with affirmations every single day. Then I would say start making small changes, pay attention to your food and your environment. Small changes can transform everything.

    [1:10] Where can people find you & work with you? Jordan explains that she’s in Houston, TX, and practice at Pheonix Rising Integrative Medicine. I’m on Instagram & Facebook, which Nadie will put below!


    If you want to start living your life fully by engaging your mind, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit.

    Download a FREE Tiny Steps Checklist

     Mentioned in the episode:

    Website: https://www.phoenixrisingacu.com/

    Instagram: @ihaveapointforthat

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