• The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make that Inevitably Lead to Burnout

    At the beginning of this year, I was so excited and full of plans for how to move my business forward. However, after launching my first group coaching program in the first quarter, I started experiencing some intense burnout. It felt impossible to move my business forward, and I spent most of the rest of this year trying to re-center. Coming to the end of this year, I’ve been reflecting on why this happened and wanted to share my plan for how to avoid burnout in the future in my business. Listen to this episode to hear my experience and what I’m doing next year to prevent burnout!

    If you want to start living your life fully by reconnecting to who you are, mind, body, and spirit.

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    Episode Breakdown

    [0:00] Nadie introduces herself and the podcast and shares her personal journey with burnout as a business owner.

    [4:13] I found that to avoid burnout I needed to start pouring into myself and my health, rather than neglecting myself in order to get everything done. So here are some tips on how to do this practically, some of which came from a blog post on my website by Amy Collette of bidwell.org.

    [6:24] Tip 1: Clear your mind often. As a business owner, you’re trying to keep track of everything all at once which is guaranteed to lead to exhaustion. One way I work to clear my mind is by practicing more regular meditation, discontinuing long task lists, and taking full day-off breaks from anything business-related.

    [11:07] Tip 2: Clear your workspace. I have to be very mindful because I will let things get cluttered, and things can pile up, especially when I’m in my creative zone. One thing I try to do is start the day by cleaning everything on my desk so I start off well. An extra tip is to make the space beautiful & inspiring and change things up regularly.

    [16:54] Tip 3: Destress like a boss bitch. Destress with intention, and make sure it’s on the schedule. Turn everything on do not disturb. When you take your personal moments, make sure everyone knows you’re unavailable.

    [19:02] Wrap up. I hope if you’re listening to this you take action toward preventing burnout today! Think of self-care as a requirement for your health and success as a business owner.

    If you want to start living your life fully by engaging your mind, fueling your body, and nurturing your spirit.

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