What Is The Orgasm Gap And How Can I Close It?

What Is The Orgasm Gap And How Can I Close It?

Close the Orgasm Gap

  “The orgasm gap, or pleasure gap, is a social phenomenon referring to the GENERAL disparity between cis-gendered men and women, heterosexual relationships, in terms of sexual satisfaction. More specifically, the unequal frequency in the achievement of orgasm during sexual encounters for women.  Here is a great blog post about what the orgasm gap is and why it exists *Hint*...[ read more ]

Best Sex Education Podcasts


  These shows are my go-to recommendations for anyone new to exploring their sexuality, whether you love talking about sex or you love learning about sex. If you have been living a pretty vanilla, cookies n’ cream, or moo-llennium crunch life, you can always expand your sexual horizons, these are a great place to start.   Download a FREE Guide:...[ read more ]

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