• 3 Tips to getting UNSTUCK

    In this video you’ll learn 3 tips to get UNSTUCK and off of the hamster wheel

    Oct 28, 2020 – By Nadie Roberson

    Today I wanted to talk to you today about getting unstuck: for times when you are stuck in the mud, or in a rut, on that never-ending hamster wheel.

    I chose this topic today because I have had a few clients lately who want to be happier, healthier, and feel stronger mentally. And knowing how to kick-start that process is half the battle.  Sometimes we (and I) can get into analysis paralysis, where we’re thinking about ALL of the possibilities, everything that could occur, and thinking way into the future, around, and around, and around. To the point where you take no action.

    How to get Unstuck – Podcast Breakdown

    [0:00] Introduction – Nadie Roberson is a licensed professional counselor in Houston, TX who owns a private therapy practice called Freedom Psychotherapy. She’s here today to share some tips on how to get unstuck when you’re stuck in an emotional rut. I’ve also provided a free Tiny Steps Checklist which is linked below.

    [1:30] Background – I chose to talk about this today because a lot of my clients have been expressing a desire to become happier and stronger but have a hard time getting started. The issue is that it’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis when starting to make changes.

    [2:52] Tip 1 – Focus on the here and now. When you’re feeling lost in overwhelm, gently remind yourself to come back to the here and now.

    [4:20] Tip 2 – Focus on the very next step. Instead of pressuring yourself to do everything, break it down until you find a tiny next step.

    [6:15] Tip 3 – Tiny steps. Take your big goal, and break it up into tiny doable steps. Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting yourself to complete your huge goal all at once.

    [8:16] Wrap up – I also have a free Tiny Steps Checklist (linked below) to help you create momentum and make changes to avoid feeling stuck and numb. Thank you for listening!

    Download a FREE Tiny Steps Checklist – A Wellness Kickstarter that will help you, get out of your rut and start living a life you don’t need a vacation from.

    So, how do we go from being stuck to actually creating momentum and accomplishing what we want to accomplish?

    Here are 3 tips to get you going

    1. The Here and Now

    When you get overwhelmed and start thinking about all the things, that’s how most of us get overwhelmed. What you do is stay right here in the current moment. Not the next week, or next month, or 6 tasks ahead. You can cross that bridge when you get there.

    When you stay in the moment you can focus on what you can do RIGHT NOW.

    I know what you’re wondering, “How do you do stay in the here and now Nadie? HOW!?”

    Listen, try this, when you catch yourself thinking about ALL OF THE THINGS, gently remind yourself to come back to where you are. Touch something around you to ground you if you need to. Just like when you meditate, when your thoughts start trailing off, you just gently remind yourself to come back to focus on your breath.

    1. Focus on the Very Next Step

    Instead of thinking 5, 6, 10 steps ahead, just focus on the next step or the first step. If that first step is overwhelming and you still feel stuck with where to start, just break it down some more and some more. Until you find a doable, accomplishable TINY step.

    Instead of pressuring yourself to do everything, and trying to conceptualize one big thing, DON’T. Break that sucker down. Down into the tiniest little steps.

    Make yourself a list of all the tasks needed to accomplish one goal. Instead of a long list of several complex goals

    1. Take Tiny Steps

    And finally, when you have broken that down into the smallest step that you find doable, think about some of the other areas of your life where you can take tiny steps. For example, if you haven’t worked out in 4 months, and you suddenly decide you want to work out every day. You are setting yourself up for failure. #selfsabotage.

    Using that example, if you haven’t worked out in a while, say “I’m gonna take one walk this week.”

    The thing about taking tiny steps is it helps you build momentum.  When you go for your walk, and you’re like “well, I could walk a little bit farther” or when you get home, you may say, “well, since I’m up I may as well wash the dishes.”  It gives you enough that you can build on.


    If you are trying to get out of your rut and create that momentum, I have created a Tiny Checklist just for you. If you don’t know where or how to start, this free checklist is for you. 

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