• 3 Secrets to Wellness Success

    In this video you’ll learn 3 Secrets to Wellness Success



    Today I want to talk about achieving wellness success. I chose this topic because there is some mystery around improving your wellbeing, and what wellness is. One of my clients came to me feeling like she was carrying the weight of the world. She was married but she felt like a single mom, and just reached her breaking point. She reached out for therapy, and showed her family that she is a person whose wellbeing matters as well. Remember that you matter also. It can’t always be about everybody else. That’s why I want to share these secrets with you to help you improve your wellbeing.

    First, what is wellness? What even is it? Follow us on Instagram (@FreedomTherapy_), where we post regularly about wellness. The way I teach wellness is that that it’s an active process, not a static destination. It’s a process of becoming aware and then making choices toward a healthier you and more fulfilling life. Fulfilling being the key word. Not just living – but living whole, living fulfilled, living happily.

    A lot of the general idea of wellness is being healthy, being free of disease or illness. And the way I teach it is a dynamic process of change and growth so that you can create complete well-being for yourself. That’s the goal.

    How do you become successful with your wellness? How do you get to that better life that you envision for yourself?

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    Secret #1: Done is better than perfect

    That’s a big deal. Shout out to my Virgos, and everybody else that would consider themselves a perfectionist. Sometimes we put ourselves under these self-inflicted rules. And we say that it has to be a certain way, and we say in our heads that it can only be done that one way. Changing your mantra to started is better than perfect or done is better than perfect. Instead of saying I’ll wait until Monday to start walking . . .  or, I’ll wait until my partner comes home to start cooking . . . or, I’ll go to church when it opens back up. Shed all of those self-inflicted rules, and just get started.


    Secret #2 Make YOU the priority

    This is a big one because a lot of us start to feel guilty when we put ourselves first. We care about other people, especially if we’re a parent or we’re the natural caregiver of our friend group.  We feel like the bad guy if we need time for ourselves. Try this perspective: are you the bad guy when you’re tired, irritable, and not focused?  Or are you the bad guy when you’re happy, agreeable, and energized? Which version of you is the “bad” guy? HINT: NEITHER OF YOU, except in your head.  When you prioritize your wellbeing, you’re a better person all the way around. When you’re depleted and running on fumes, and the people that you’re trying to take care of are not being taken care of as well either.


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    Secret #3 Get creative

    This is a big deal because (they’re all a big deal!) But creativity is important because just like done is better than perfect, sometimes we think that things always have to be done a certain way, and it doesn’t. Well, now it’s 2020 we know that now everything has to change. We have to really have to go beyond what we’re used to doing, and we have to get creative. Do you want to improve your social life, or feel less isolated? You’re on Facebook right now. You’ve got Facebook groups, and Meetup.com has made a resurgence. People need ways to interact with each other because we’re in isolation for so many months. My encouragement to you is to think of something that you haven’t done. Ask somebody that you know or just Google it. What are some different ways to do what you’ve been holding yourself back from doing? Work on your spirituality? Churches are closed is not an excuse. Google will tell you church is now online, and when and where they are. Same for physical health and going to the gym, but you don’t want to wear a mask. Get a virtual trainer! Feel free to reach out to me if you’re feeling stuck, find me on Instagram @FreedomTherapy_ or DM me on Facebook.


    Let’s Recap:

    Those secrets again . . . (1) Done is better than perfect (2) Make you the priority (3) Get creative.  If you really keep those in the back of your mind, you will be on the path to more joy.

    Download a FREE Tiny Steps Checklist – A Wellness Kickstarter that will help you, get out of your rut and start living a live you don’t need a vacation from.


    1. Lori Cade
      December 3, 2020 at 4:37 pm -

      This is awesome! I’ve done all of these things and my 2020 improved dramatically. The best year I’ve ever had in regards to personal growth.

      1. Nadie Roberson

        Nadie Roberson

        December 3, 2020 at 4:39 pm -

        Exactly, this sh*t really works! Congratulations on your best year.

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